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Jewel Tones: Why Playing It Safe With Neutral Interiors Is SO Last Year!

While the world endeavours to stay safe from COVID-19 this year, staying safe with colour is definitely out.

We like neutrals in Australia. They compliment our beach life perfectly to create a relaxing vibe indoors that melds perfectly with our outdoor lifestyle. But sometimes we forget how quickly the temperature drops here in winter, and that not everyone lives in a beach house.

A large percentage of our population live in city apartments or inland, away from the coast, which is why the new trend for stronger, more vibrant colours in our interiors has gained so much traction.

You might have noticed the myriad of colours to hit our homewares stores over the past few months. Jewel and earthy tones such as rust, olive, turmeric, and teal have replaced the "safer" muted pastels and neutrals we have come to love. And black is also back - if it ever went away.

Maybe this move to warmer tones is connected to winter or our greater need for comfort during these unprecedented times. But as home trends are set well in advance of what we see in our stores (like fashion), I think the change is linked to a more general return to classicism and old values, that COVID-19 has inadvertently leveraged.

COVID-19 has shaken our foundations, and warmer colours provide a sense of comfort we so desperately need.

Inadvertently, the virus has come on board with our desire for a more sustainable look, and natural, earthy colours support the trend.

Trends for recycling and up-cycling have already been solidified in our homewares and furniture styles. The change started with the resurgence of the Mid-Century Modern style, but now we're extending the look, revisiting styles that wouldn't appear out of place in any of the decades that followed.

On that basis, perhaps eclecticism is the prevailing "look" of 2020?

That's not to say we've been handed an "anything goes" permission slip - you'd be surprised how tricky eclecticism is to get right. Nevertheless, we are seeing a return to colour on our woodwork, a renewed vigour for feature walls, and braver fusions of old with new.

When it comes to property styling, however, I wouldn't splashing jewel colours on your walls. One of the first rules of property styling is to maximise your space, and more generally it is the lighter tones that do that. But you could incorporate them in your furniture and accessories for a touch of glamour and warmth.

Pink velvet sofas got a mention in my last post, and there's no doubt that textured fabrics in jewel colours inject more than a shot of old-fashioned class. And added to a sense of classicism, they introduce a sense adventure into what might otherwise remain stark, uninviting interiors.

Helen Keller said it best: "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

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