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The 6 Products You Need In Your Home To Get Through A COVID-19 Winter

The Swedish word for coziness is "Hygge", and while I suspect that few of us are thinking about styling and home decor right now, here in Australia we are preparing for winter.

We're preparing for the season during this crazy COVID-19 era, and as the days shorten and the temperature drops, it is obvious that comfort is our main concern.

But what constitutes "comfort"? Because I suspect that it's a different experience for everyone. For some, it comes in the shape of food, while for others (like myself) it is related to nesting and making our homes as comfortable as possible ahead of the next few months of isolation.

Here's what's on my shopping list to get me through:

1. A decent phone or computer. COVID-19 has highlighted the issue of elderly technophobic family members. My family is on the other side of the world and to make contact with my uncle who still uses an original Nokia, the family is organising a new phone for him with a camera and WhatsApp and Messenger. Many of the home entertainment stores have sales at the moment, so make sure you and your family are fully connected.

2. Blankets - Most of the homeware stores are also offering discounts as they prepare for the inevitable shut downs and slow down of business, and there's no better time to support them than by stocking up on some new blankets and throws for the cooler months. Adairs are offering 40% off many of their products this weekend, including their Supersoft Blanket (on the left), which comes in a range of colours and is a steal at $47.99.

3. Heaters - And while you're at it, order a heater before everyone remembers how freaking cold it gets in Australia in winter time. Beat the rush!

4. Candles and Smellies - One of the few benefits of this pandemic is that it has provided most of us with more time for self-indulgence. Self-care may include long, hot baths, more time for skin care or simply more time to read a book. But whatever your favourite relaxation method, why not use the money you're saving by staying at home to treat yourself to the type of luxury items you don't usually have the money for. Candles, bubble bath, salts, and body lotions will help alleviate stress about our current situation, and with the new rules about hand washing, I've also been digging out all of those hand creams the rellies have given me over the past few years. If money is no object, Jo Malone London remains a firm favourite of mine, but I still love the more affordable ranges from the Palm Beach Collection as well.

5. Plants - Your home will be your castle for the next few months. If the country reaches full lockdown, there's no better way to bring the outside in than with the scent and vibrant colours of fresh greenery. The addition of some new pot plants to your garden or on your balcony will help bring nature indoors and looking after them will provide you with some purpose. If you're nervous about going to the supermarket, why not buy some seeds and grow your own herbs and salad vegetables? The larger DIY and home and gardening centres such as Bunnings and Mitre 10 are still thriving, so why not check out their Autumn greenery.


New Manchester - Sheets and bedcovers are usually my last priority when it comes to spending, but when it comes to comfort, nothing give me greater pleasure than new bedding. I love staying in a hotel with crisp, freshly-laundered sheets, so take advantage of the current sales and use the opportunity to transform your bedroom into the sanctuary you've always dreamed about. With up to 50% off, there's no better time to shop at Sheridan. Check out their Reilly Quilt Cover Set, on sale for between $200 and $230.

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