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Property Styling: Do I Need A Home Office?

The conditions of employment have changed. Where once employees were expected to work set hours in an office environment, they are now demanding a better work/life balance. And with improvements in technology and the increasing cost of commercial rents, it can be beneficial to both employer and employee to consider more flexible working conditions.

Research has proven a direct link between output and the happiness of employees, so if some prefer to work from home, it makes sense to listen to them. Hence, property that meets that requirement, i.e., offers a functioning work space, comes at a premium and may well tick an important box on your buyer's list of priorities.

If you are lucky enough to have the space for a home office, make sure that you maximise its functionality. In larger properties, property stylists will usually dedicate a empty space or bedroom to create one. In smaller homes or apartments that can be a bit more tricky, but don't worry - you'd be surprised by the number of places you can squeeze in a small desk. Under stairs, between wardrobes, in the sun room, or any space or nook that is set apart from high traffic areas, (and preferably the fridge!) will work. Better still, if you have a guest room, it can double up as both study and spare room.

If space is really tight, a glass desk or built-in desk might be a better solution than free-standing, but make sure that it is positioned close to an internet connection and that you provide adequate cable management, storage, lighting, and a number of electrical and internet ports.

For some great ideas about the best ways to create the workspace of your buyer's dreams, check out this piece by Paige Smith - 6 Steps To Create The Perfect Workspace At Home.

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