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Can't Afford A Property Stylist? 5 Things You MUST Do To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Research shows that styled properties sell quicker and help maximise the sale price. And in a tricky, competitive market, you need all the help you can get.

A home that is professionally styled will demonstrate its flexibility in terms of space planning and layout, which makes it easier for buyers to visualise how they would live in and use the space. Styled properties also offer a window into the lifestyle that goes with the property, and if your buyer turns up at your open for inspection, they want to buy into that lifestyle.

So what can you help prepare your home for sale when you can't afford a property stylist?

Here are my five suggestions:

1. Declutter, clean, and tidy - If your buyers cannot visualise how to use the space effectively due to clutter, it may deter them from taking your property seriously. If you are still living in the property during the sales campaign, make sure you remove anything you don't need and find a storage solution for everything else. Clean the property inside and out - particularly bathrooms and the kitchen, as these are key areas when it comes to decision-making. Clean carpets if they need it, and get out the cockroach spray!

2. Tidy the exterior - First impressions are tantamount to a successful sale. If your buyer feels excited as they enter the property, they are more likely to consider it seriously. You can't change the location of your property, but don't put buyers off with an untidy garden, a dirty pool, or an amalgamation of spider webs around the windows. Poor presentation suggests that the property has not been well looked-after.

3. Fix anything broken - Minor and inexpensive repairs such as broken handles, globes or scratches on wooden flooring will spoil your presentation and distract some buyers from your property's attributes. If your property has original features, make a feature out of them!

4. Make sure everything works - When appliances and electrical items don't work, it sends the wrong kind of message to your potential buyers. It will make them wonder what else you are trying to hide. If an air conditioner is not working, either fix it, replace it or remove it. The same goes for ovens, boilers, pool filters and light fittings. Your buyer is looking for transparency.

5. Small touches - Flowers, scented candles, and even the calming influence of relaxing background music help create a sense of calm and an ambiance that will make your buyer feel comfortable. Talk to your neighbours as well - tell them that your property is on the market. If there's a drummer or a barking dog next door, discuss with your neighbors the best times for your open for inspections.

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