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Styling Your Back Yard In Winter

Unless you're lucky enough to have acreage in Terrey Hills, outdoor space is limited in Sydney's Northern Beaches. There are obvious benefits to that - I mean, who wants to be gardening all day when they could be on the beach? - but just because it's winter and 'baby, it's cold outside,' that doesn't mean that you can ignore the garden during your sales campaign.

Whatever the size of your yard or courtyard, you need to bring the outside in - and even more so in winter. By doing that, you extend the size of the house by giving the terrace the appearance of an extra living area. And no matter how cold it is on the day of your inspection, open those doors and let outside in!

Winter can make everything look a little more drab, particularly with a grey sky, so what better way to show your potential buyers how versatile your outdoor space can be throughout the year than by cosying it up. Woven cushions, blankets, fur rugs, candles and maybe even an outdoor rug can transform the space. Try to style the space in the way that hotels in the Alps do, to make them inviting even when it's zero degrees! A few plants, a couple of wicker or Adirondack chairs with cushions and blankets and a small table, can transform a small deck or balcony.You could even get some mulled wine going on the cook top and let the wafts of Christmas spices do the talking.

Below is a list of the bare minimum you need to do to prepare your back yard for sale this winter:

1. Cut back plants and hedges, pull out weeds and replace any dead plants with fresh ones. Mulching the borders hides a multitude of sins and provides uniformity.

2. Guerney any terraces, pathways - brick, stone or tiled - to remove dirt, grime and mould.

3. If fencing needs re-staining - do it.

4. Make sure the pool is clean for every inspection and that your fencing meets safety standards.

5. Clear cobwebs from the roofs and windows of outdoor rooms, terraces and gazebos.

6. Keep a small selection of modern potted plants that work well together and remove the rest.

7. Make sure the lawn is freshly mowed and green for each inspection.

8. Clear away kids toys and spruce up any outdoor kids equipment.

9. Spray brick pavers with weed-killer ahead of your campaign to discourage growth.

10. Replace any broken or missing boards on decking.

11. If your barbecue isn't spanking new and gleaming, get a cover for it or store it. No one wants to smell last week's Sunday roast!

12. If you've got the terrace space to fit a dining area as well as an outdoor seating area - do it! Zone your outdoor living spaces. Make sure that your buyers know that in this house you can live outside throughout the year.

Image 1. Found on Pinterest from Homestolove.com 2. Found on Pinterest 3. Ibiza Wicker 4 Piece from Temple & Webster



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