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The Greenhouse Trend

A recent article in the UK Times drew my attention to what the Brits have termed the "Nursery Trend." And no, it has nothing to do with decorating your child's bedroom.

In the UK, a nursery is a greenhouse, a place where you grown your seedlings and plants. Hence, the look derived from the term is, in general, overtly natural and green and rather reminiscent of English country gardens or the movie, Four Weddings And A Funeral. It is a style that fits in perfectly with the modern desire for more simple, sustainable and organic living.

Only the Brits could describe the trend as the type of style found in 'super-posh plant shops!', but on the other side of the pond in the US, they call it the "greenhouse" look.

What I truly love about this style is its eclecticism. There are few rules, other than the focus to bring nature and the outside indoors. However, another great advantage to this trend is that it gives you the freedom to embrace treasures from the past, meaning that not everything has to be bought new.

Plants are obviously the hero, and anything from pretty, potted succulents to tall ferns (in abundance) are a necessity. Flooring tends to be natural, so sisal and jute rugs, thrown haphazardly onto timber or tiled floors, meet the brief.

When it comes to walls - although we tend to be a little more cautious about colour and wallpaper in Australia than they are in the UK and the US - a tropical wallpaper on a feature wall will take this look that one step further. Alternatively, painted walls in rich neutrals, mustards, moody blues and greens work well, and will compliment botanical prints. My favourite greens are Domain and Green Spruce from Dulux at the moment.

This look is eclectic, so think of farmhouse-style mixed with mid-century modern pieces, and you'll nail this style.

Think industrial-style with bare-brick walls and copper lighting sat with French Provincial furniture. Melded together, these pieces create a rich earthy feel that looks like it has evolved organically, over time.

Rattan furniture makes the perfect seating, and if you have a cushion and accessory habit like me, feel free to indulge for this style.

The more baskets, crates, tubs and pots, the merrier! Lanterns and candles are also a great source of accent lighting, and old, mottled mirrors will extend your space. Textured, woven and botanical-themed cushions in neutrals, greens, and mustards will add warmth and depth.

Fortunately, we're pretty clued up on this look on the Northern Beaches.

For local suppliers, start at The Boat House in Palm Beach and then stop in Avalon Beach on your way back. The village has an extensive array of beautiful home decor shops, such as Haven and Sarah. For the more budget-conscious, there's Flower Power or the 'other posh plant shops' in Terrey Hills.

(Top photo sourced from Pinterest; Cane chair from Temple And Webster).



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