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Metallics In Interiors: All That Glitters Doesn't Have To Be Gold, But Why Not?

All that glitters doesn't have to be gold, but why not add a touch of old-style glamor to your modern scheme.

Copper and rose-gold - last year's hot metallics - have been replaced this year by gold and brass, and you'd have to be walking around with your eyes shut for the past six months to miss the finishes on display in furniture, light fittings and soft furnishings from all the major suppliers to the high street stores.

Like Millennial pink, I admit to feeling initially fearful of the comeback of gold and brass. Memories of schemes from my early days in interior decoration in London in the eighties continue to give me nightmares. It was a time when the 'more is more' approach usurped taste and style via the flagrant over-use of fabrics, gold and marble, and a period of interior decoration that I would rather forget.

However, the use of gold as an accent colour in modern styling is much more understated, signifying a touch of elegance, rather than status. Simplicity is fundamental to the successful contemporary use of the metallics.

Warmer than silver or chrome, gold and brass infuse the classiness of times gone by and add warmth to cooler schemes, working harmoniously with blues, blacks and greens. Sit them with furniture with clean lines for a contemporary look, but if your aim is Boho decadence and eclecticism, they will sit just as comfortably with rich paint colours, velvet cushions and Chesterfield sofas.

Gold and brass compliment most styles, whether you choose retro, neoclassic, tropical or industrial. Think filament lightbulbs, ornate mirrors, art-deco, drinks trollies and stunning midcentury modern ceiling pendants. Used in the right way, these metallics add a hint of luxury without getting close to the kitsch flamboyance and overkill of the eighties.

(Top photo found on Pinterest, accredited to Restoration Hardware: https://catalogs.restorationhardware.com/? Drinks trolley and Como coffee and side tables found at Temple and Webster)



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