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Flooring Your Buyers!

Do you need to replace your flooring to sell your property?

Well, that depends...

Your carpet may only need a clean, but if it is old, still stained in red wine from that New Year's Eve party two years ago, or matted with age, replacing it is a sound investment; likewise, if you have an eclectic assortment of carpets in different areas of your home.

If your timber floor is heavily scratched, marked, or has been damaged by pets, I would suggest sanding it back and re-staining it. I wouldn't recommend replacing it, in general, as it's unlikely you will see the return on your investment.

While styling a property is about visual merchandising, your choice of flooring not only depends on the style of your property, it will also depend on your budget.

Carpeting is a less expensive option to hardwood flooring and provides insulation and a sense of luxury, which is why I recommend it for bedrooms. If you have hardwood flooring in your master bedroom, a rug placed a third of the way under the end of the bed can soften the space to achieve a similar result.

However, for high traffic, common areas such as living rooms and hallways, there is no doubt that hardwood, bamboo, laminate, ceramic, stone and modern concrete floors are a popular choice because they exude natural warmth, accentuate space and tie in with the modern taste for organic living. They compliment open-plan, contemporary interiors and offer more practicality in the long term. They are particularly appealing to people with small children, pets, dust or mite allergies, (and from experience, I will add 'teenagers' to that list).

If you do need to replace your carpet - which can be more practical in units and drafty, older properties - I would suggest using a polyester cut pile twist such as Carpet Right's Eco + Soft Haze 11 in a light beige or taupe shade; although for more modern homes, warm greys also work well. Loop pile carpets such as Carpet Right's Callisto also look good in modern properties.

And finally, the DON'TS:

1. DON'T overspend on the quality of your new carpet. The chances are that your new buyers will rip it out anyway. Also, many expensive wool carpets are not as practical in terms of stain removal.

2. DON'T replace floor tiles with a high gloss finish that shows up every mark and might put off young families with kids and pets.

3. DON'T pick a coloured carpet - stick to neutrals. Dark colours may be more practical, but they will make your space feel smaller.



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