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Styling Your Bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive areas of a property to renovate and they don't always warrant the cost. But even if you are fortunate enough to have contemporary, crisp-white or neutral bathrooms, it is still important to dress them for sale so that they are inviting. When you sell your property, you are selling a lifestyle, and the bathroom is a very important area of modern living.

When you prepare your bathrooms for the market, above all, make sure that they are clean - particularly the shower screens and grout between the tiles. Resurface the bath if necessary, and declutter, declutter and then declutter some more. Put away those ten bottles of shampoo in the shower tray, the drying rack and the kids toys around the bath.

For modern bathrooms, the following are simple ways to lift the space and create that sense of luxury that your buyers want to see:

1. Layer accessories - fluffy towels, flowers, greenery and soaps will make your buyer associate your bathroom with the luxury of a spa - which is exactly what you are aiming for. Just no petals, please!

2. If there's space, a large pot plant will add texture, vibrancy, and a sense of organic living.

3. Small clusters of soaps or beauty products presented in baskets or on dishes will reinforce that sense of luxury.

4. Thick, rolled towels around the bath will also create the sense of a retreat, as will candles.

For those of you with those "gorgeous" retro pink, baby-blue and avocado bathrooms, please don't ignore them or assume that potential buyers won't notice them. It is even more imperative to dress these up. Most buyers will have to live with them until they can afford to renovate, so unless the property is being marketed as a quirky forties or fifties house where you can embrace the style, tone down their colour and age in the following ways:

1. White towels, (or black or grey as a secondary colour), will work as a neutraliser to tone down colour.

2. A crisp, fresh new white shower curtain will make that old shower cubicle more appealing.

3. Go tropical - plants in baskets will add texture and soften the harshness of bright colours.

Remember, less is nearly always more when it comes to styling to sell.



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