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Every Wall Needs A JuJu Hat

The Bamileke feather JuJu hat has taken interior decoration by storm, in much the same way that Jacinda Ahern's Maori korowai cloak did at Buckingham Palace.

Made in rural Cameroon in Africa, and a symbol of prosperity, traditionally the head dress is worn by royal dancers and tribal chiefs to important ceremonies.

But with current trends for natural and organic decoration in tropical, tribal and boho schemes, the JuJu hat makes the perfect addition to any wall.

Its versatility is found in the soft texture created by the carefully handwoven bird feathers on their raffia base, and with colours ranging from the more traditional neutrals and black, through to the soft pastels that suit modern living, the JuJu hat will enrich most schemes.

For suppliers of the JuJu hat, try Tabletonic's new online store, where they range from $399 to $650, or alternatively, Etsy offer a good selection.

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