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Is Millennial Pink Really Here To Stay?

In a recent browse around the high street home stores the other day, I discovered that Millennial, Tumblr, Scandi and Blush pink are still popular.

While I know that that pink can be pretty and soothing in a bedroom setting, I'm not such a big fan of it in living areas.

I like to use faded tones of it on the walls of Hamptons-styled homes, or in smaller, modern apartments - particularly in cooler climates when it is offset by neutrals like grey or black for balance - but in the dining room?

I suppose it's another trend we can blame on the mid-century modern style that shows like "Mad Men" brought to our attention, or the Scandinavians, who also have a preponderance for (the currently popular) deer head wallhangings.

But less is more has always been the design rule I've stuck to in my use of colour, and an over-employment of pink has a tendency to conjure up Granny's bedroom, her nylon dressing gown and matching cardie. Pink can be a memorable design statement for all the wrong reasons, so use it wisely!

Here is Stylecaster's views on the subject. 12 (Adult) Ways To Decorate With The Colour Pink.

Fortunately, some designers do get it right - this beautiful cushion and bedlinen from Nordstrom, for example.



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