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The Return Of Pendant Lighting And Chandeliers

Have you noticed how pendant lighting and chandeliers are creeping back into our homes again? And in every style of scheme. From timber and glass chandeliers in beach and Hamptons-styled homes, metallic shades in industrial schemes and macrame and beaded styles with the new Bohemian trend, it's hard to get past them.

And nor would you want to.

For a while now we've relied on modern down lights (with dimmer) to do the functional job of lighting a space, yet pendant and accent lighting are what transform the ambiance of a room. They give it that warmth and inviting feeling, and these new designs of chandeliers add texture as well. I love the timber shades that are popping up in beach homes. They give kitchens and dining areas a focal point and a sense of simplicity, of moving into a future where we care more about nature and our impact on the environment.

Chandeliers have been around forever, but we have the the Scandinavian influence (again) to thank for this new trend. Ikea has been selling a range of pendant lighting in this style for a while now, (photo to right: Industriell $49), and Lagom, a Swedish word for 'in balance or moderation' encourages the use of low-level, simple fixtures such as these to create a clean, uncluttered, yet inviting space.

Which is exactly what we want to come home to at the end of a long day.

(Photo at top of page: Beaded Ball chandelier from Alfesco Emporium, Collaroy $619)



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