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Lighting, When Styling Your Property For Sale

Whether your home is naturally dark or it has an abundance of light, decorative lighting is key to bringing it to life. Lighting adds warmth, shadows for ambiance and it maximises your space. Candle light creates the kind of relaxed lifestyle most buyers dream of creating.

If you have existing pendant lights above the kitchen island or in your dining room, it might be an idea to update your shades if they are old. Pendants are back in style and there is a range of stunning shades available in finishes such as basket, bamboo, metallics, ceramics, shells and Macrame.

If you have modern downlighting, add some table or floor lamps for accent lighting. We aspire to put table lamps in all our bedrooms for a more finished look and ideally either a set of large table lamps or a floor lamp in each living area of both apartments and houses. A desk lamp is also important.

I love candles and add them wherever I can. Leave one for the agent to light at the open for inspections for a relaxed vibe. And nothing finishes a beautiful outdoor setting like a large hurricane lamp or lantern on the table.



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