I've always loved the idea of lazy Mediterranean-style lunches with family and friends. I'm a foodie, but I prefer a relaxed vibe when I'm eating at home, and I try to recreate that ambiance when I style my properties.

For most families or couples se...

When it comes to my wardrobe, I live in the colour black, yet I'm a little more cautious about using black in my home. It is unlikely that I will ever paint my interior walls black - although a charcoal feature wall might get past my SAD need f...

Do you really need a property stylist?

The short answer is yes, I'm afraid, if you want to maximise the return on your property investment. However, if you really are a natural decorator with a taste for minimalism and a carefully curated collection of art and beautiful...

A recent article in the UK Times drew my attention to what the Brits have termed the "Nursery Trend." And no, it has nothing to do with decorating your child's bedroom.

In the UK, a nursery is a greenhouse, a place where you grown your seedlings and plan...

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