Trends in interior decoration change all of the time and it's possible to follow those trends in your own home until you decide to sell.

To maximize your property's selling potential in a competitive market, it must reflect the lifestyle that your potential buyers aspire to buy into.

That's why every decision The Styling Consultant makes when styling their properties is based on their client's potential return on investment.  

Property styling is not only about improving the appeal of a property, it is about concealing the less appealing parts as well. That's why it is so imperative to take the advice of someone objective - ideally an expert. 

When you sell your home, lifestyle, investment... or dream for some, we can help you make that dream a reality with more than fifteen years of interior decoration and real estate experience behind us.

Drawing our inspiration from our beautiful natural landscape on the Northern Beaches, we use a predominantly neutral palette to reflect natural space and light and then add warmth, color, and texture through our artwork, soft furnishings, and greenery. 


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