Let Louisa Help Make The Dream Of Owning A Property Like Yours A Reality For Your Buyers

Louisa has worked within the interior decoration industry for the past twenty-five years and real estate for five. She started her career in a homewares store in the UK, moved onto her own painted furniture business, and since her move to Australia she has worked for several companies in the roles of interior decoration consultant and property stylist.

More recently, she has used her wealth of experience and knowledge to blog about interior decoration and she has also been published on real estate sites such as Domain.

Louisa recognises that property styling is a very different beast to interior design and that to maximize a property's selling potential in a competitive market, it is important to  be objective. When it goes to market, the property must reflect the lifestyle  potential buyers aspire to buy into rather the owner's favoured style.

The main consideration of a property stylist is the return on their client's investment, which is why  

property styling is not just about improving the appeal of a property, it may also involve downplaying its less appealing aspects.

Which is why the advice of an expert is so important. Vendors need someone who has the experience to help make the dream of owning a property like theirs a reality for their buyers.

Drawing inspiration from the style and location of the property, current trends, the beautiful natural landscape on the Northern Beaches, and best practice property styling recommendations, Louisa transforms properties so they meet the demands of their demographic and help her clients achieve the price they anticipate. 





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